To me, the Gabriola Commons is where we can take people and show them and say "here - this place - this is who we are, this is what we stand for, this is how we live." It's all about legacy and community, and nurturing something for all of us and for future generations.
Ken Gurr, resident and business owner

Commons Coordinating Council Notes

The Commons Coordinating Council is a key body in the daily operation and future planning of the Gabriola Commons. The Council includes a representative of each Commons Team, a member of the Gabriola Commons Foundation, a facilitator, a secretary and key stakeholders such as AGES and PHC. The public is always welcome to attend Council meetings. In fact, this is probably the best place to learn about the present and future activities on the Commons.

The Commons Coordinating Council meets at 7 pm of the first Tuesday of each month at the Gabriola Commons. Everyone is welcome.

Goals and Mandate The Council helps to secure and protect the Gabriola Commons and create, in a prudent and ethical manner, and in perpetuity, a Community Commons for the people of Gabriola. Council members have a mutually shared responsibility for pursuing the Commons goal and upholding the Gabriola Commons Charter (see Charter under Governance). Council Connections Agenda Outline for Council Meetings
  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Actions/Questions to be taken/addressed
  3. Ongoing Discussion Items
  4. Team Reports (highlights & next meeting date)
  5. Project Reports
  6. Group Reports (PHC, Poetry Gabriola)
  7. Additional Agenda Items
  8. Next meeting date & Adjournment