Upcoming Events Coordinating Council Meeting, 1st Tue of every month at 7 pm.

Saturday Workbees & Events, every Sat from 9 am to 12 pm. Workbee is followed by delicious homemade soup. Please bring gloves, shovel, hand trowel or any other other tools you find useful!

Booking the Commons Community Kitchen Booking
All inquiries about renting the kitchen, fees and times available etc. should be sent to kitchen[at]gabriolacommons.ca
Click here for booking information for general rooms and allotment gardens

Click on the calendar above to view current room bookings.

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Covenant Group

The covenant group is creating the document that will hold, protect and steward the property as a public amenity for the use and enjoyment of Gabriolans in perpetuity. Click to view current draft of the Stewardship Agreement.
Commons Stewardship Agreement 2018-10-27

A commons covenant will enshrine not only the land and its buildings, but also the vision of the Commons as detailed in the Commons' Charter. Click to view current draft of the covenant.
Commons Covenant 2018-10-27

Part of the creation of a covenant involves establishing a baseline report. Click to view current draft of the report.
Commons Baseline Report Overview 2018-10-27

Welcome to the Gabriola Commons The Gabriola Commons is a place where sustainability, community and agriculture meet, featuring 26 acres of peaceful rural landscapes and rich ecosystems with significant biodiversity. The property includes connecting pathways, open vistas, meditative spaces, vibrant community gardens, learning and meeting facilities for the use and enjoyment of the public.

The Gabriola Commons is a unique and distinct property on Gabriola with zoning that recognizes and enshrines the vision and spirit of a "community commons".

Come to the land, wander through, meet gardeners and builders, artists and soup makers. Join in the many community activities and events. Lend your hand and voice in stewarding the land and its amenities for current and future generations.

The Gabriola Commons has a membership at the Mid Island Co-op. You can contribute to the Commons by using the Commons Co-op Member Number 637512 when making purchases.

The Gabriola Commons Foundation sincerely thanks the following agencies who have provided valuable grants and support: Coastal Community Credit Union Spirit Fund, Nanaimo Community Foundation, Bullfrog Power, Wal-Mart Evergreen Green Grant, the Innovative Community Development Award from the Canadian Cancer Society's Community Building Strategy, the Gabriola Recreation Society, the Gabriola Lions Club, GabEnergy Society, the Vancouver Foundation and the Gabriola Auxiliary for Island Health Care Society. For more information, click on "Projects" in the main menu.

Panorama of the Gabriola Commons by Angela Specht.

Thank You! Thank you to all the Commons donors, participants, supporters and funders over the years. Together we are creating a thriving space to gather, share experiences,celebrate island life, protect the ecology and farm sustainably.
Photos & More Photos See our Flickr site for many photos of the land and activities. The Gabriola Commons is often featured on Victor Anthony's Gabriola Daily Photo.